Study Abroad Ambassadors

Study Abroad Ambassadors

This years Ambassadors have been specially selected to represent the TRU Study Abroad program during the 2016-2017 academic year. They are organised into a Marketing & Promotions (MP) and Operations & Planning (OP) team.

Summer 2017 Ambassadors


Dave Waithe

MP - Events Coordinator

I studied abroad in Australia at Southern Cross University Beach-side Campus for one semester. I am in the BBA program with a double major in Economics and International Business. While abroad I did a lot of surfing, scuba diving, chasing waterfalls and, crazy road trips. Back home I enjoy getting outdoors skiing and snowboarding.




Julie McNutt

OP - Communications Coordinator

I studied abroad in Graz, Austria at Karl-Franzens Universität for one semester. I am a Bachelor of Science with a major in chemistry. While most of my time is spent studying, I also love the outdoors. I particularly like to burn off steam by running or climbing, and spending quality time with my cat.




Michelle Davies

MP - Group Liaison

Hi! My name is Michelle Davies and I am a TRU Tourism Student and Study Abroad Ambassador. Biking, beer and exploring new places are few of my favourite things. I spent last year studying in Chur, Switzerland and occasionally started my day with a little cheese, chocolate and a quick lap on my local ski hill before class.




Devin Martin

OP - Support Session Coordinator 

I studied abroad at Toyo University in Tokyo, Japan for 2 semesters. While I study Computing Science here at TRU, I took mainly Japanese language and loved every second of it. When my hands aren't glued to a keyboard, you can find me beside the nearest cat or coffee shop.



2016/2017 Ambassadors


Graham Filek

MP - Social Media Coordinator 

Hi, I am Graham Filek and I studied abroad in the Winter semester of 2016 at the University of Salford Manchester in Manchester, England. Having the opportunity to travel to over 18 different countries while on exchange was one of the highlights of my trip. Other highlights of trip include traveling the Balkans, watch the British Open and watch France beat Germany for the first time in 50 years with over 130 000 people in downtown Paris.




Marina Holden

MP - Promotional Material Coordinator

I am in my fourth year of the Bachelor of Business Administration program with a major in Accounting at Thompson Rivers University. My study abroad experience lead me to Milan, Italy where I was lucky enough to take Luxury Branding and Fashion courses at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Fashion is something that is very important to me and some of my other passions include painting, cooking, hiking, running and weight-lifting. In addition, I am an avid napper and animal enthusiast.



Braedon Paul

MP - Website Designer/Operator

Braedon is a fourth year Chemical Biology major. He enjoys a good book, long walks on the beach, and cliche lists. Braedon studied for two semesters at Plymouth University in Plymouth, UK during the 2014-2015 academic year. When he's not panicking over an Organic Chem midterm or sweating over which font to write his biography with, he enjoys playing guitar, singing, hiking, and writing third person biographies about himself.




Morganna Pogue

MP - Class Visit Coordinator

Hi, I'm Morganna Pogue and I'm a fourth year Biology Major at Thompson Rivers University. I recently studied abroad in Perth, Australia at Curtin University and am currently a Study Abroad Ambassador. I love experiencing new cultures, cuddling baby kangaroos, and the occasional meat pie.




Martin McFarlane

OP - Events Coordinator 

Martin studied abroad at The University of Salford near Manchester, England during the Fall 2015 semester. He is a fourth-year journalism student at TRU majoring in public relations. His interests include current events and aviation, and thanks to life in England, he knows how to make a mean ‘brew.’



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Nolan Chapman

OP - Info Session Coordinator

I spent one semester in Lyon, France at ESDES Business School of UCLy.  I am a Study Abroad Ambassador and member of the Education and Social Work Faculty Council - TRUSU.  I am enrolled in the BEd program at TRU as a 5th year student. I also have a passion for photography and filmography.




Allister Grapes

OP - Group Liaison

Hi my name is Allister, I am a fourth year psychology major. I absolutely love traveling, seeing new faces and places whether its in my local region or abroad. For me, a perfect day would be a hike and chilling with some friends at a local eats in some warm exotic location.



Tyler Carson

Ambassador Mentor

Hola, me llamo es Tyler. I studied abroad in Barcelona Spain and had the time of my life. I was able to experience a new culture, meet amazing new people, and step outside of my comfort zone. I feel studying abroad has permanently changed me for the best and I want to share my experience with others and encourage them to take advantage of this opportunity as well. Other than that I am a wine connoisseur, coffee addict, gamer, explorer, skier, amateur surfer, and barista.




Sarah Johnston

Ambassador Mentor

Hey! I'm Sarah, and I studied at the University of Salford, England from 2014-2015. I'm a Human Resources major and Accounting minor in my final year at TRU. This year, I'm returning as a Study Abroad Ambassador for my second year in a row as a mentor for the program. I love to play guitar, sing, cook, spend time outdoors, and I'm always happy to help!!



Karie Russell, Moscow Russia

Karie Russell

Manager of Study Abroad

 I have been working at TRU since 2004 in various roles, but always within International. I am passionate about the  Study Abroad Ambassador Program, and am always inspired by their stories, experiences and recommendations for promoting this amazing program. I am energized by helping TRU students, as well as our partners students from around the world. Lastly, I enjoy traveling to different places in the world, trying new activities and making the most out of ever new experience.